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Grab my blueprint and tailored solutions for a HEALTHIER, SMOOTHER and HAPPIER midlife!

Tired of living in survival mode?

Are you ready to embrace midlife with vigor, clarity and a better sense of well-being? Look no further! My carefully designed course is your gateway to transforming midlife into your prime time.

This isn’t just another health course; It is a roadmap to a REVITALIZED, EMPOWERED YOU!

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Hi there!
I´m Gita, your pioneering guide in this fasting and wellness voyage.
I love empowering women to be healthy, fit and happy. It is not as complicated as most of us might think!  In 2014, I started my blog about menopause and other topics on women’s health.

Through the years, I have educated myself to become a Coach on Nutrition and Keto. I also got my certification as a Fasting Therapist. 
After years of studying, personal research and first-hand experiences, I now understand the key to balance and harmony! 

Feeling good is SIMPLE and very much POSSIBLE, no matter your age.  
THIS is my message — and I am delighted to share it with you!

PS: This course works well for men as well.
As you can see, my hubby in the picture looks fab!

Me and my hubby!

“After doing this course, I didn’t just reset my life; I upgraded it.
Best midlife decision ever!” – Sarah, 52

So, what’s at the core of FAST.EAT.THRIVE!™?

The course aims to provide you with unique and practical tools that you can easily add to your routine ─ to feel your best.
New, proven protocols, invented by a health expert!
Shortcuts for achieving better and faster results!
Strategies tailored to fit your individual lifestyle and health goals!

Can we influence, slow down or reverse our bodily processes?

You bet we can!
See your life as a smoothie!
What you poor and add into it will affect your whole body.
Each ingredient changes the taste, color and consistency;
— and collectively, all ingredients should be in good balance.
Adding some wrong or low-quality stuff will have a big impact!
You need the right balance and blend for a well-sipped life.
There is a lot of talk about supplements that can give you a longer life and even reverse aging.
Do you know what most longevity experts believe in and do themself?
They fast!

“I’ve never felt more in control of my health and happiness. My learnings from this course are life-changing!” – Jane, 48

The protocols featured in this course are simple — yet very effective. No extreme diets or food lists to follow.
The principles are aligned with the body’s natural processes — leading to great results!

What health benefits did women experience after doing this course?

Lighter and happier
Feeling lighter and brighter!
Waking up refreshed – ready for the day!
Healthy tummy
A tummy that is calm and working well!
Glucose levels
Stable glucose levels!
Glowing skin
Glowing skin!
Balanced hormones!
More balanced hormones!
Blood pressure
Lower blood pressure and lower puls rate!
Better quality of life
Better quality of life with more peace and calm!
Relationsship food
A healthier relationship with food!

What is included in this course?


  • 15 Modules with over 100 lessons
  • 3 BONUS modules with 20 lessons
  • Workbook (58 pages)
  • FREE e-Book on Gut Health (38 pages)
  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our private Facebook group!

Invest in yourself.
You are so worth it!

What happens when you enroll?

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Get started straight away! I will send you emails along the way and you will get constant support through the Facebook group.

After you have gone through the whole course, you will receive a certificate that indicates your completion of the course.

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